How To Buy Shares Online: A Beginners Guide

Ah, I can recall distinctly that first heady day that I bought shares online. Things were less complicated back then. Dogs were dogs and cats were cats. None of this exotic animal bullshit. Less global warming. The seas teemed with fish.

That's how it was back then, one week ago. That's the day I first bought shares online. Me, online finance guru. I've held financial assets, of course, just not the electronic way. The old fashioned way -- with a human broker and a million fees.

Highest Money Market Account Rates: 2015 Edition

Today I want to tell you about money market accounts. Imagine that you've just come into a lump sum of money, and you want to stash it somewhere safe. You might bury it in the backward, but what if you forget its location? What if someone breaks in and steals it all?

Your next best bet is the bank. You could put it into a savings account. That's the conservative choice, but you're unlikely to earn much of a return.

The Best Dividend Mutual Funds

A stock is an ownership share in a business. Since you own a piece of the business, you own a piece of the profits -- a share of the profits, proportional to your share in the business.

Your dividend payments are at the hands of the company's managers, like the CEO. Lost yet?: Exactly what kind of owner gets bossed around by management? Um, shouldn't the shareholder be in charge?

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